Roofnest Sparrow

Our next production run arrives May 25th.

The Sandpiper is our brand new, completely redesigned and re-engineered pop-up camper. The Sandpiper features the same ABS-Fiberglass construction of all our roof top tents with a lower-profile aerodynamic shape and bomber aluminum gear rack. It can hold up to 100 lbs on it’s roof when driving (bikes, skis, kayaks, SUPs, etc) and will sleep two adults comfortably (82″ long x 48″ wide on the inside). The telescoping ladder, mounting hardware, 4’x4′ mesh ground tarp, and 7 cm HDF mattress are all included. We also include a full-size 1cm marine-grade anti-condensation mat for free!


Payment will be processed in USD. GBP price is for reference and its approximately equivalent to current exchange rate.

The new Sandpiper features:

  • Completely new shell design utilizing a fiberglass-reinforced ABS shell which has been re-shaped with updated styling and aerodynamics. A thin ABS “skin” reinforced with fiberglass give this new tent the ideal combination of durability, light weight, and strength. Plus, they look amazing.
  • The roof rack is constructed of tubular, cross-braced aluminum rails, aluminum flanges, and aluminum plates reinforcing the rack and bonding it to the tent shell.
  • 20% larger doors and windows with full zip openings of both mesh and canvas on all four sides for entry/exit from any angle and excellent ventilation and views.
  • Updated closure system utilizing locking metal clasps for additional strength and security on the road.
  • Tent material has a zipper at top and bottom for ease of removal.
  • The same 7cm thick HDF mattress in all our tents providing industry-leading comfort and support.
  • Newly designed, feature-rich pockets which can be clipped to the inside or outside of the tent for shoe storage, lights, books or anything you want to store inside or leave outside the tent.
  • 1 cm thick Anti-Condensation mat included with every tent – provides additional support and air circulation to lessen condensation during cold nights. Our competitors charge up to $150 for this item – we include for free!
  • 4’x6′ mesh ground mat for use under ladder or anywhere in camp that you need some protection from the ground.

Please check out more photos and of Eagle roof top tent below and the tabs at the left for more information on this awesome roof top tent.
Shipping varies depending on location but as a guild its £100 to England or Wales, £200 to Scotland, and £280 to the Highlands – contact us for exact cost to your door or come pick one up in Dorchester for free! Please see our Installation, Shipping, and Pickup page for more information.


Eagle (Large)

  • Sleeps 2 adults plus 1 child
  • Interior: 53″ wide by 82″ long
  • Exterior: 55″ wide by 85″ long and 11.5″ high when closed
  • 37″ tall on inside
  • Width (left-right) between Roofnest mounting rails: 21.5″
  • Minimum distance (front-back) between your rack’s crossbars: 32″

Sparrow and Sparrow EYE

  • Sleeps 2 adults
  • Interior: 45″ wide by 80″ long
  • Exterior: 47″ wide by 82″ long and 11 inches high
  •  36″ tall on inside
  • Width (left-right) between Roofnest mounting rails: 21.5″
  • Minimum distance (front-back) between your rack’s crossbars: 28″


  • Sleeps 2 adults
  • Interior: 48″ wide by 82″ long
  • Exterior: 50″ wide by 85″ long and 11.8 inches high
  •  36″ tall on inside
  • Width (left-right) between Roofnest mounting rails: 21.5″
  • Minimum distance (front-back) between your rack’s crossbars: 30″

Weights and Roof Racks

The basic Eagle (large) weight is 140 lbs

The basic Sparrow (small) weight is 120 lbs

The Sandpiper  weight is 145 lbs

The Sparrow EYE weight is 120 lbs

Many customers want to know – “will this work with my vehicle?”. The simple answer is YES! Most vehicle roof racks are rated to carry over 125 lbs as a Dynamic Load. When you’re driving and the Roofnest is closed, most roof racks can easily support the load of the Roofnest whether your speeding down the highway or driving around town.

When you’re parked, the load on your roof rack is a Static Load. The forces on your roof rack are completely different than a dynamic load and a rack’s ability to support Static Loads is many times greater than Dynamic ones(some estimates are as high as 10 times as much).

There is a lengthy but complete discussion of the dynamic weight rating vs static weight rating of your car or truck’s roof rack here: Roof Loading and Roof Top Tents

These kind of roof top tents have been in use in Australia and Europe for several decades and people put them on all kinds of vehicles and racks without damaging their car or the Roofnest. Just make sure that your roof rack can support the weight of the Roofnest when empty and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Materials and Construction

ABS-Fiberglass Shell

All our tents feature ABS outer shell reinforced with fiberglass molded into an aerodynamic design that decreases road noise and improves gas mileage. The inside of the shell is coated with an insulation layer and attractive quilted fabric to insulate, reduce noise, and give the inside a soft “feel”. The lower shell is composed of the same materials with a special shape to increase rigidity and stability. Each Roofnest is rated to support up to 650 lbs!

Wall Material

The wall material is a polyurethane-coated polyester and cotton blend with a waterproof rating of 3000mm (for comparison a typical waterproof rating on a backpacking tent is 1000mm). The fabric is much thicker and tougher than a typical backpacking tent – more like a heavy-duty wall tent. The material provides additional warmth and is quieter during a wind storm due to it’s weight.

Doors and Windows

All Roofnests have two mesh windows at the front and back with both canvas and mesh zip closures. On our rectangular tents (Sparrow, Sandpiper, and Eagle), there is a doorway with a mesh screen and zip closure on either side (the EYE has only one door). The canvas doorway can be turned into a small shade awning with the included poles. All tents can be fully unzipped at each opening to allow entry from any side.


All Roofnests are shipped with a sturdy and lightweight 8.5′ telescoping ladder for access. The ladder collapses and comes with its own heavy duty storage bag. The ladder can be attached to the edge of the Roofnest for additional safety if desired.

Built-in Mattress

Every Roofnest comes with a built-in, custom-shaped 7 cm foam mattress. What a dream to sleep on! This is not your typical camping mattress, it feels like a real bed. If you’ve had difficulty sleeping while camping those problems are going to be a distant memory after a few nights in a Roofnest.


The Roofnest Limited Warranty

When you buy a Roofnest roof top tent we want you to have an excellent experience purchasing, installing, and using your roof top tent. We provide a two year warranty to the original purchaser against manufacturer defects covering workmanship, parts, and materials which fail under normal use.

During this initial period Roofnest will correct the issue through repair or replacement at no cost. After the first year, we will repair and/or replace parts, materials, etc on a case-by-case basis for failures due to normal use. Roofnest does not cover problems due to user error, neglect, or acts of God. We will, however, work with you to get replacement parts and help with repair wherever possible.

If you ever encounter an issue with your Roofnest after the warranty period is over you can count on excellent customer support. We can get spare parts (struts, awning poles, zippers, etc), help suggest fixes, and generally work with you to keep your Roofnest in top shape for years to come!