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On this page you will find our Installation Instructions and Video, instructions for receiving a shipment from Roofnest, and instructions for picking your tent up at our warehouse in Dorset.

Check out our Installation Video and see how easy it is to install a Roofnest Roof Top Tent!   

Installation Instructions

Thanks for purchasing your new Roofnest! Installation is straightforward in most cases and requires no special skills or tools.

Preliminary Information:

You need to a minimum of two horizontal crossbars that are at least 36” wide for the Sparrow (42” or greater preferred) and 48” wide for the Eagle (52” or greater preferred).

The shape of the crossbar (aero, round, square) does not matter but their dimensions do. The mounting hardware included with your tent will work for 95% of roof rack crossbars out there. Your crossbars must be no more than 3.5 inches across or 1.5 inches thick – if your crossbars are bigger than this you will need to purchase separate mounting hardware – email us at and we can suggest some options.

Your crossbars need to be at least 30” apart (front to back) for the Sparrow and 33” apart for the Eagle (36” and 38” apart preferred, respectively). This will properly distribute the weight of the tent and its occupants.

There needs to be enough clearance between the roof of your vehicle and the top of your crossbars to be able to fit your arm in so you can tighten the mounting hardware. We have seen that the stock crossbars on many makes of vehicle do not provide the proper clearance to make installation easy – in these cases an after-market crossbar solution is recommended – email us at for suggestions.


Step 1: Unbox the Roofnest by removing the top cover on the cardboard box.

Step 2: Remove the plastic film protecting the top and bottom shells of the Roofnest.

Step 3: Open the Roofnest by undoing the straps on one end only and pulling up that end. Remove the black nylon bag inside the Roofnest containing the mounting hardware and ladder. Close the Roofnest by pushing or pulling the open end down and fastening just the spring-lock buckles.

Step 4: Place the Roofnest onto your crossbars. You don’t need to worry about lining up your Roofnest just yet.

Step 5: Set up your mounting hardware by inserting a bolt into a mounting bracket to form a mounting set. Begin putting the mounting sets into the two mounting rails on the bottom of the Roofnest – two sets for each corner. You’ll need to lift the Roofnest slightly to get one of the two bolts at each corner onto the other side of your crossbar.

Step 6: Place each of the four mounting plates onto the two bolts at each corner and thread the included nuts onto the bolts (but do not tighten them). Some Roofnest models have 13mm nylon-locking nuts and others have black plastic knobs. A 13mm ratcheting wrench is included in models with the nylon-locking nuts.

Step 7: Now it’s time to orient the Roofnest so that it is centered where you want it. If the mounting hardware is loose then you should be able to move the Roofnest so that it is lined up on your roof where you want it.

Step 8: Tighten all the mounting hardware hand tight. Drive your car 10-20 miles and check all the nuts to make sure they are still tight – sometimes the Roofnest will shift and so you may need to orient before you tighten again.

Periodically check the mounting hardware to ensure that it stays tight and the Roofnest is secure.

Now go camping and enjoy!


Thanks for purchasing a Roofnest!!