Deposits for our August Shipment are Live!

Deposits are live for our next major shipment scheduled to hit Denver the first part of August. We’ve had an overwhelming response to our Roof Top Tents and every shipment has sold out prior to arrival at our warehouse in Denver.

Camping in the north fruita desert

If you want a Roofnest for the rest of the Summer and into the Fall, we highly recommend putting a deposit down to hold the tent of your choice. We’ll have every model in all sizes and colors arriving in this August shipment so now’s your chance to get the Roofnest you want!

To hold your tent it’s just a $950 deposit – once your tent arrives you pay the balance and either pick your tent up or we’ll ship it to you anywhere in the lower 48 states for just $249!

Click Here to Put Down a Deposit

Please check out our Product Information page to learn more about our tents and our Installation page to see how easy Roofnests are to install.

Introducing the Eye – The Roofnest with a View

Roofnest has introduced our latest model in two sizes – the Eagle Eye and the Sparrow Eye. With roughly the same size as our Basic models, the Eye features simpler operation and a better view of the sky. The Eye resembles the old Westfalia vans by opening on one side only (the back) to create a triangular-shaped tent (resembling an “eye” in cross-section).

The Sparrow Eye

By opening at just the back, the Eye allows access from the rear of your vehicle and also provides a bigger view of the sky because the doorway is oriented slightly upwards.

The Eye comes in both large (Eagle Eye) and small (Sparrow Eye) sizes and, just like our basic model, can accommodate two adults plus a child or two adults, respectively.

Opening on one side only makes put up and take down even easier – setting the Eye up takes literally 20 seconds, just undue the straps on one end and the tent pops up.

The Eye still has all the features of our other models, such as the waterproof canvas tent material for walls, mesh and canvas at each window and door, and even a large awning over the single doorway.

Check out our Store for more information and photos of the Eagle Eye or Sparrow Eye!





Roofnest featured on CampwardBound

Our good friend, Mark Keeler, over at CampwardBound, just featured us on his excellent blog. He interviewed Roofnest’s founder, Tim Nickles, as well as profiled Roofnest and our roof top tents.

Check out Mark’s profile on Roofnest here.


Mark’s website features carefully crafted content that aims to help families, especially those on a budget, get outside and enjoy the outdoors. His philosophy is that camping and adventuring does not have to be expensive or complicated – and we wholeheartedly agree!

There is a ton of great information on Mark’s site – here is a sampling of some of his posts:

Guide To Free And Cheap Camping

Delicious Camping Food Ideas

How To Pack For A Camping Trip


7 Reasons to Own a Rooftop Tent

If you work a 9–5 and feel the need to escape every weekend, we hear that. Check out the 7 reasons you should get a Roofnest Roof Top Tent for your car.

1: Be BLM/National Forest Star

Want to make friends while camping? Pop up a rooftop tent, and it will draw a crowd like garth brooks at a monster truck rally. Everyone within one mile of your camp spot will come over to learn what’s up. Sometimes they bring beer.

2: Westies aren’t as magical in real life as they are on Instagram

Truth. Westies look awesome on when searching #Vanlife but the reality is we pass broken down Westies on the regular. A Roofnest gives any car a Westy feel without the Westie sadness.

3: Bears

We’re not saying it’s bear-proof, but it might improve your odds?

4: Birds have nests, why shouldn’t you?

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more magical than the idea of sleeping in nest, like a bird, like in Portlandia.

5: Setting up a tent in one minute > setting up a tent in ten minutes

When it’s cold out, or it’s dark or raining, or pretty much any time having a tent that opens, with your sleep set-up inside, in one minute, is amazing.

6: You can fit more gear in car (you always need more gear)

If you’re like me, and I’m betting you are, your crashpads, bikes, and kayak take up all the cargo room and none of those are fun to spoon. Sleep above your gear, not on it.

7: You’re always ready to go

As soon as 5 pm hits on Friday, you’re ready to start rolling towards Moab or Telluride. You don’t have to worry about where you’re going to sleep, just when. And that, that, is the best part of a Roofnest.

Roofnest partners with Jon Cameron Photography


Roofnest is excited to announce a new partnership between our company and Jon Cameron Photography. Jon brings 25 years of experience crafting subtle and moving images of natural places, people, and animals as well as a love of the outdoors, exploration, and travel.

This summer Jon will be doing an extended road trip with his girlfriend Maddy and his trusty four-legged companion Japhy. He’ll be starting in Colorado where he will gear up with a Black Eagle Roofnest and begin the journey.

They will first head towards the Northwestern United States with many scenic byways along the way. From Puget Sound, a ferry will take them to the western shores of Vancouver Island and then onto the mainland where, after exploring western British Columbia they will traverse Canada on Highway 1 – the Trans-Canada. This long trek will take them to Nova Scotia where they will begin heading south back into the USA and finally touring around the Northeastern US.

It’s quite an adventure and we are stoked to have Jon trusting his comfort and protection to a Roofnest. He knows he needs a solid shelter that is both durable and efficient to set up and take down. All those early mornings and later night drives mean that their shelter has to be ready as soon as they find a place to stop for the night.

And of course comfort is a huge factor when you’re on the road for so many weeks and months and the Roofnest scores high marks for Jon there as well. The high density foam mattress makes life on the road a lot more plush and will keep them well rested for the day’s adventures.

Jon is going to be documenting his travels with words, photography, and video. If his Instagram feed is any indication, there’s going to be a lot to share and he’s going to inspire a lot of people with his beautiful images and artistic eye. Be sure to follow along on his travels via his website – Jon Cameron Photography.

First Roofnests installed!

We installed a bunch of Roof Top Tents last weekend!

Our first shipment arrived last week and this week we shipped out a couple and installed a few more on some happy customer’s roofs. The tents are looking great and the installation was a breeze. We did an install on a Honda Element, a Chevy Astro van (mine), and a brand new Subaru Outback. Installation consisted of just lifting the Roofnest onto the car, positioning it, and then hand tightening the mounting hardware – super easy. (Roofnest recommends checking the hardware tension and tightening it after a quick test drive and then again after you drive 25+ miles or so)

The Sparrow (small) at 49″ wide fit exceptionally well on the Subaru and the Honda (check out the pics!). Both are great adventure vehicles in their own right but the Roofnest makes them so much more capable, especially for weekend warriors. Some of the things the new owners were psyched about were the aluminum telescoping ladder (included with all tents), the quick setup, and the comfy mattress (6 cm thick high density foam).

I only have a very few left from this first shipment with more on the way mid-April. Hit me up if you have any questions or want to come see one in Boulder!


Roof top tent buyer's guide

Roof Top Tent Buyer's Guide

We’re excited to announce that Roofnest is now featured in the Adventure Portal’s Roof Top Tent Buyer’s Guide. The Adventure Portal is a “premium digital magazine focused on Vehicle Assisted Adventure in the USA” and has a great Forum for discussing all aspects of car camping, road-tripping, and adventure.

Click the link below to see the article (Roofnest is the last company featured) and let us know if you have any questions!

Roof Top Tent Buyer’s Guide

Accepting deposits now!

We’ve added the option to place a $500 deposit to reserve your Roofnest in any size/color.

The roof top tents should arrive by the end of February and in the interest of booking some pre-arrival sales, we have discounted the prices heavily (currently $1795 for the Sparrow and $1975 for the Eagle).

We do realize however that some of you may not want to pay the full price up front and still wait 5-6 weeks or more to get your tent. In light of this, we have added the option to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500 to both reserve the Roofnest in the size/color of your choice AND lock in the pricing available at the time you pay your deposit.

Just go to the product page for the deposit and select your size and color and click “add to cart”. Once you’ve paid, you’ll be emailed a receipt for your deposit and we will keep you informed about the timing of the arrival of the tents!

If you have any questions about the tents or the deposit, don’t hesitate to contact us.