Turns any car into a camper

The Roofnest roof top tent bolts right onto the crossbars of your roof rack with no special skills or tools required. Our roof top tents weigh from 120-150 lbs so almost any vehicle can handle them. You don’t need a van to live the #vanlife!


The reinforced fiberglass shell and stainless steel struts mean the tent is durable and will give you years of service.

Aerodynamic shape saves on gas

The Roofnest is low profile (just under a foot at its highest point) and aerodynamically shaped to lessen road noise and save gas.

Store bedding right in the tent

There’s enough room in the Roofnest to store all your bedding right in the tent so it’s always ready and saves the space in your vehicle.

Weather protection

With an impermeable fiberglass top and waterproof canvas walls, you will stay warm and dry inside your Roofnest even when momma nature insists on getting you wet.

Pops up in no time

Once you park your car you can comfortably rest inside your Roofnest roof top tent in under two minutes. The stainless steel gas struts make the tent pop up as soon as you unbuckle it.

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